How were our sun and galaxy formed?02:52

How were our sun and galaxy formed?

A brief history of how the galaxy was formed

Egyptian Princess by yuureikun

A drawing of an Egyptian goddess

For the creation of the Galaxy please consult the vid thank you. 

Sightings of strange creatures. Edit

In Midevil era of man kind people would report the sights of strange creatures that would be as tall as a man or a woman but would have the features of an anime and would wear all black armor. Later years when after WW2 sightings of UFO and strange creatures would increase as people wondered "are we alone ?" 
Are We Alone in the Universe? THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra02:59

Are We Alone in the Universe? THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

The vid that played after so many UFO's were seen.

Our questions were answeredEdit

On December 24th of 2013 at eight in the morning thousands of ships floated over every major city in the world (yes this is a ref to V) and they stayed up their for a whole week.While in that week the hacked into and then broadcasted their owrn verson of information that showed what they looked, act and what there culutre is like. 

Making Alliances  Edit

After three months on earth the Alliance has been taking nations into their care. 

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